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Raw pork neck with thyme and herbs on wooden board

Spending their entire lives outside and free to roam, we prefer premium breeds Hampshire, Berkshire (Cross) and Duroc. Enjoyed by our customers, they produce tender, succulent pork, which is full of flavour with crackling the way it should be. Our preferred commercial pig breeds are Landrace and Large White.

Bone in products

Fresh piece of pork on the bone

Sides Of Pork

Whole BBQ Pigs (25 – 100kg)

Leg Of Pork

XX Leg Of Pork

Pork Belly

Short Loin

Middle Of Pork

Shoulder Of Pork

Hand Of Pork

Crop Of Pork

Belly Ribs

Loin Ribs

Front Feet

Hind Feet

Boneless products

Piece of raw pork meat with herbs and peppercorns

Boneless Leg

Blue Leg Muscles

Boneless Belly (Rind On or Rindless)

Boneless Pork Back (Rind On or Rindless)



Boneless Whole Shoulder

Boneless Robbed Shoulder

90/10 Trim

80/20 Trim

60/40 Trim