Abattoir, Private Slaughter and Procurement

We provide a full slaughter and cutting service for local farmers and smallholders, taking great pride in our high animal welfare standards.

Animals are treated kindly and with respect from the moment they arrive. They are slaughtered quickly and humanely and we are one of the very few independent abattoirs to use gas stunning on animals to reduce suffering. From farm to plate, we handle the entire carcass and demonstrate full product traceability; giving our customers peace of mind. This attention to detail means less stress for the animals, producing a product that is superior in quality and taste.

For our smaller customers or individuals who rear livestock for their own use, we offer a private service tailored to what you need.

Call John Norris or Shane Burrows on 01379 872900.


Our Wholesale business supplies our entire range of beef, pork and lamb products to butchers and food service, locally, nationally and worldwide. From Birmingham and Bristol to Sweden and Singapore, our quality products can be found on the plates of some very discerning hotels, pubs and restaurants.

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Cutting and Foodservice

As award winning Master Butchers, we provide well butchered and professionally presented meat cut exactly to our customer’s specification.

Supplying beef, pork and lamb prime cuts as well as processed products for both domestic use and export, we listen carefully to your requirements, ensuring you receive the products you want.

If you require something a bit different, we also offer bespoke cutting and semi-processing services, including curing and ageing.

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Working in partnership with local farmers, we supply the highest quality beef, pork and lamb to some of the world’s finest establishments.

In an unbroken chilled air freight distribution chain, the provenance, quality and security of our meat are guaranteed wherever it is needed in the world.

What sets us apart from our competitors? We personally know all of our local farmers. Add to that the low food miles of our products, our high hygiene standards and enthusiasm to deliver above and beyond what our customers expect, then you have high-quality products our customers come back for time and time again. Just some of the reasons why we won Exporter of the Year in 2015 as part of the Meat and Poultry Processing Awards.

Our export market includes customers in Europe, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore. New opportunities include China, Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Maldives and USA.

We are particularly proud to be providing bespoke butchery training to the chefs at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong, sharing our knowledge and skills to create premium quality cuts that distinguish the menu.

Call Kevin Burrows or Jonathan Edge on 01379 872900.