Chris Burrows

Finance Director

As Finance Director, Chris is responsible for all financial aspects of the business, from day to day accounts to future investments and business growth.  Working closely with Kevin, Chris ensures the business remains profitable as strategic opportunities are identified and developed for the future.

‘I am the ‘C’ of ‘C&K Meats’

Born and bred in Suffolk, Chris was brought up in the meat industry, having his first experience of an abattoir when he was nine years old.  Skipping his last year at school, he started working for his father in the wholesale meat trade, delivering to local customers.  To earn a little extra income, he developed a side line of buying cow’s heads, stripping the meat, mincing it up and selling as bags of pet food to boost his weekly wage of £20.

Soon afterwards, he took over a local butcher’s shop, bought a book on butchery and taught himself the basics.  The next twelve months were tough.  He lost more money than he earned, but by the second year, he had turned a profit.  He also discovered his real interest lay in selling meat to the catering industry.  He was already supplying local pubs and restaurants, so he built a cutting room at the back of his house to focus on this line of business. By 1981, business was good and he was supplying several local restaurants with fresh meat.  He continued as a sole trader until 1994 when he joined forces with his brother Kevin to launch C&K Meats.

At this point, as well as working on the shop floor, Chris started looking after business accounts. At school, maths had been his best subject, so he turned his hand to manual bookkeeping, eventually learning SAGE when everything became computerised.  He finally left the shop floor in 2005 to concentrate entirely on the business finances, managing the day to day running of the accounts and future investments.

‘I love the meat industry and want to see family business grow’

Chris has never worked for anyone apart from his ‘old man’.  He is really proud of the way C&K Meats has grown, not only through the increasing numbers of new customers but in supporting the local community.

For the future, he wants to see the business consolidate its position in the marketplace. The next generation of the family are already involved and when the time is right, he wants to be able to hand over a company with a fantastic future that will take their name forward.  The business ‘is in his blood’ and he knows he’ll always be helping out in the background as long as he’s not a hindrance!

An eye for birds, gardening and a good steak!

In his free time, Chris loves gardening and enjoys keeping a mixture of birds including Canaries, Finch and Parakeets.  Ask him what his favourite dish is…well, of course, it has to be meat!  For its excellent flavour, a good piece of Rib Eye with chips or a great bacon sandwich!