Craig Burrows

Operations Director

As Operations Director, Craig ensures that the day to day running of C&K Meats occurs as smoothly as possible.  He is responsible for staffing the site and managing employees, running the slaughterhouse, product processing, logistics and deliveries.  It’s this role that ensures the needs and expectations of his customers are met.

‘I’m Kevin’s Right Hand Man’

After leaving school at sixteen, Craig started work as a packer in the family butchery business, standing at the end of the butchery line packing cuts of meat for customers. Over time, he progressed to trimming meat, managing the line and eventually running the team.  Jump to the present day at C&K Meats and he now looks after 100 people on site.  He takes pride in cultivating an environment where they want to work and where they can see how their role influences the success of the company.

Now as Operations Director and ‘Kevin’s Right Hand Man’, he helps with the day to day running of the business and ‘takes the pressure off Kevin.’  It’s important to him that he works ‘on the business, and not in the business’, but of course every now and again he has to jump on the line to help out and still enjoys getting his hands dirty!

‘Great products secure great sales’

Craig’s passion is his customers, understanding what they want, when they want it and how they would like it presented.   Starting work anytime from 2am, from collating orders and loading the lorries for delivery, to checking staff are in place in the slaughterhouse, he ensures the right people are in the right place at the right time and there are enough people on the line to get the job done. Whether delivering to bespoke local butchers’ shops, huge markets such as London’s Smithfield or exporting to Europe, he delivers every time.

‘It was my proudest moment’

At the 2016 British Retail Consortium Awards, C&K Meats gained a BRC Grade A Accreditation. The standards are set very high, but this award means that C&K Meats are now supplying some of the highest profile establishments in Asia – something that Craig is extremely proud of.

As a family man, he loves to spend time with his wife and children.  His favourite dish?  Sirloin steak served rare with chips and mushrooms.