Shane Burrows

Livestock Procurement Manager

Shane has worked from the Ground floor up within the family business which gives him an understanding of what is required but is still learning everyday about market fluctuations.

Upon working within the packing area in the school holidays Shane left school and joined the Company full time believing that Butchery is in his DNA

Working within all areas of production and also managing the Retail Shop in Diss he feels that has knowledge of product which can only help him in his office based new role of Livestock Procurement Manager.


At C&K Meats, Shane is responsible for livestock purchasing.   At the beginning of each week, he calculates the number with input from other members of the team of animals that need to be slaughtered and processed within the abattoir to fulfil the upcoming orders.   On a busy week, he can purchase up to 3000 pigs and 100 cattle  sheep from surrounding local farmers.   It’s also his job to ensure that for each livestock delivery, the correct paperwork has been supplied, is accurate and up to date and each lorry displays the right information for either domestic use or export.

What does he love about working at C&K Meats?

Working with Family and helping to grow the Company for the future

His favourite meat dish?

Steak and chips or a Traditional Roast Lunch