John Norris

Livestock Procurement

John started his career at the Meat and Livestock Commission in Northamptonshire.  As job opportunities arose, he moved to the East of England, finally working for well-known Suffolk family butcher Hutson’s.  Here he met Kevin Burrows and continued to supply him with meat for the next 15 years.  He finally moved to join Kevin at Lamberts the Abattoir at Earsham and was there for a further 10 years before moving to C&K Meats.  It was ‘the best move I’ve ever made.’

At C&K Meats, John is responsible for livestock purchasing, sales ledger and wages.   At the beginning of each week, he calculates the number of animals that need to be slaughtered and processed within the abattoir to fulfil the upcoming orders.   On a busy week, he can purchase up to 2000 pigs, 50 cattle and 100 sheep from surrounding local farmers.   It’s also his job to ensure that for each livestock delivery, the correct paperwork has been supplied, is accurate and up to date and each lorry displays the right information for either domestic use or export.

What does he love about working at C&K Meats?

John loves dealing with customers and enjoys the challenge of monitoring the markets and prices whilst buying and selling livestock.

His favourite meat dish?

Pork belly, for its sweetness, succulence and great flavour.