Karl Gardiner

Transport Manager

Karl’s background is haulage and transportation, having previously run his own haulage business. He has worked at C&K Meats since 2010 and is responsible for the care and upkeep of the eleven lorries in the fleet.

He oversees vehicle purchasing, organising operating licenses, planning and costing loads as well as general maintenance. In addition, to driving the lorries himself, he manages a team of seven qualified drivers, ensuring driver training, vehicle handling certificates and licenses are kept up to date as well as being compliant with all the general operator qualifications.

Karl and his team start work around 2 o’clock each morning, checking the lorries and their loads as well as scheduling the drivers and planning for the next day.

What does he love about working at C&K Meats?

Apart from ‘keeping me out of trouble’, he enjoys working with the family team as they all ‘word hard but play fair’.

His favourite meat dish?

Beef wellington using the best fillet beef money can buy.