Kevin Burrows

Managing Director

As Managing Director, Kevin manages the running of C&K Meats and its overall business performance in line with its strategic direction. He oversees and develops new export opportunities to Asia and other parts of the world as well as championing new projects in line with the long-term vision and mission for the company.

‘I love my work’

Born and bred in Ipswich and a Suffolk boy at heart, at six years old, his father took him to the Fresh Meat Company one morning.  He hoped that the early start and experience would discourage his son from joining the meat industry.  However, Kevin’s allotted job of moving whole New Zealand lambs out of the freezer had the opposite effect and in fact ‘switched something on’.  His entrepreneurial spirit had just kicked in.  At 14 years old he was buying bullock and pig heads, boning them out and selling to butcher’s shops in London, paying the lorry drivers on the side to make the delivery.  Here he learnt knife and butchery skills and he joined the family business at 16.  Buying and selling animals was what ‘really ticked his box’ and after a stint as a professional darts player, travelling around the world, he came back and took over the family business in 1990.  He’d always wanted to start his own business, so with a new set of principles and the right team in place, he made it happen.  The team were his family and the business was called C&K Meats.

‘We may not be the biggest, but we can be the best’

Kevin and Chris are dedicated to cultivating a family business that not only has a secure future but has the capacity for growth for when the next generation take over. C&K Meats fly the flag for top quality produce and the best customer service.  Kevin’s passion is focussed on developing excellent relationships with their farmer suppliers.  It’s about ‘making sure the product is right, the provenance is right and the quality is right.’

Kevin is very competitive and ‘has to be the best’.  What’s next on his list?  He’d like to gain a Royal Warrant to serve The Royal Family.

He’s also very passionate about making C&K Meats carbon neutral.  He loves his county and his country, but thinks that we take too much from the world and is keen to ‘give something back’.  His goal is to make C&K meats ‘the most sustainable slaughter house in the country.’

Fishing, holidays, motor bikes and meat…!

Whether relaxing with his family on holiday, game fishing or riding his motorbike, this is how Kevin likes to spend his spare minutes.

As to his favourite cut of meat, then there are several to choose from.  For marbled fat and the flavour this delivers, he loves a rib eye of beef, served medium rare.  For the perfect roast, he enjoys a pork rack roasted at precisely 62 degrees and served medium or a succulent shoulder of lamb served pink.