Nigel Devereux

Technical Manager

Nigel has been in the meat industry all of his life.  He has worked with the Burrows family since 2000 and has been Technical Manager at C&K Meats since 2010.  Working alongside the Food Standards Agency, he is responsible for food safety and hygiene at C&K Meats, ensuring the requirements of the regulations are met.

He arrives on site at 7am, checks emails and then starts work in the abattoir confirming quality assurance, labelling and traceability checks against specifications in addition to microbiological swabbing and analysis against food hygiene regulations.  He ensures that all members of the team have been trained appropriately and the right documentation is in place.  Nigel checks that the correct documents are kept up to date and are compliant either as part of an internal audit or as part of an external audit by the British Retail Consortium, for example, who C&K meats are proud to be accredited by.

What does he love about working at C&K Meats?

He loves his job as there is a huge amount of variety day to day, but moreover, he loves working for Kevin and Chris Burrows and stands true to the values that the company holds.

His favourite meat dish?

Fillet steak, medium to well done.