Richard Brinkley

Environmental & Maintenance Manager

Richard began his career as an apprentice at a heavy engineering company and enjoyed being in this ‘hands-on’ environment. He moved into the food processing industry and in 2007 was recruited by an engineering company to help build the new C&K Meats factory. As Project Manager, it was his job to ensure the build was completed on time and to budget and was one of the largest projects he’d worked on. Once the project was completed in 2010, he began working for Kevin at the C&K Meats factory he’s just built!

It’s Richard’s job to make sure the factory is running at its best.  He starts work at around 6 o’clock each morning with a systematic programme of machine checks and meter readings to confirm everything is in place and ready for start-up.  If machines break down, Richard and his team are on hand to identify the problem and get them up and running as quickly as possible.  Once processing is complete, Richard and his team will implement a cleaning schedule to ensure the highest hygiene standards are met.

What does he love about working at C&K Meats?

The opportunity to get involved in the new development projects that will help grow the business.  He sees the project through from the start, from the initial drawings and design to completion.

His favourite meat dish?

Sirloin steak; medium rare, although more rare than medium!